Richard Byrnes

Who Are the

Funky Uncles?

We are a fun Party Band with a fun set list to have you singing and dancing all night long. Bring your boogie shoes and your outdoor voices!!!

Dave "Skeeter" Seretti

Uncle Skeeter is known for his talent to make dogs come running from miles away with his high frequency vocals. He has played drums and sang in Pittsburgh Bands for 25 years

John "Jbone" Bonessi

Uncle Jbone hails from Washington, PA and has toured the country with multiple popular bands. He is pretty good even though he plays left handed.

Tony "Tpole" Poleti

Uncle Tpole has the most airmiles in the band. Playing in bands since 14 he is the music re-Director of the band bringing in the low end on bass.


I Saw Her Standing There

Roll with the Changes

Uptown Funk

Doctor My Eyes

Bennie and the Jets

American Pie

I'm Alright (Caddyshack)

Drift Away

Twist and Shout

Back in the USSR

Stray Cat Strut

Wish You Were Here

500 Miles

Rocket Man

Smoke from a Distant Fire

I Saw the Light

Play that Funky Music


Piano Man

You May Be Right

If I had A Million Dollars


La Grange



Purple Rain

You Can't Always Get What You Want

All Along the Watchtower

Power of Love

Use Me

All For You

Country Roads

Rocket Man

Heaven (How Far Is)

Jenny 867-5309


Can't Get it Outta My Head



Thank You (Letting Me Be Myself)

Booking Contact

Rich Byrnes


[email protected]

Fully Loaded Rock with a Twist

Why Us?

Every good party has a Funky Uncle. This band shares a diverse group of talents that will rock any event. Known for 4 part harmonies and a ranging songlist, the Funky Uncles will be a great addition to your event. They are known for their "Roller Skating Music" set list that ranges from funk of Sly and the Family Stone to acoustic hits by Kenny Loggins or James Taylor.